Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chase Danger Jones

Since today is three months exactly after Chase's due date, it's only appropriate to post about our ultimate DIY project (technically mine -- since somehow my body has made this thing and kept it alive for almost three months!).

Little Chase showed up exactly two weeks late on April 12th, 2014. I was induced because of his tardiness, so who knows how much later he would have been if I had not been. In the end, as much as I wanted to avoid an induction (the reason I wanted midwives over an OB), everything turned out just fine. Chase was born a bit shy of 9 pounds and has been one large baby since then. He was almost 14 pounds at 7 weeks (last time he was weighed). Yesterday, he turned 11 weeks and I would not be surprised if he was close to double his birth weight now. Other than eating, Chase enjoys hanging out on his own, sucking on his hands, and kicking lots and lots. He hates hugs and kisses and is not a fan of being held unless he's really tired. While he has been looking at things with interest for a while, he has just started to reach out to toys. He's pretty cute so I think we'll keep him. Overall, he's been a really chill and easy baby -- "a starter baby" as Nate puts it. And, yes, his middle name is actually Danger. 

I have failed to get good smiles on camera, but these are cute pics from two day ago. 

To announce that we were having a boy -- we used scratch-off cards: 

We had two wonderful baby showers -- one in Nebraska and one here in Cambridge. Bridget blogged about the latter one here (Thanks, Bridget!!). We were overwhelmed by all of the excitement and generosity of our friends and family and family friends. 

We also used paper announcements for the birth (someone has to keep the USPS in business, after all!): 


  1. "He's pretty cute so I think we'll keep him." Ha. Love it! So glad I've been able to enjoy some time with you and the rest of your family before you head off to Switzerland!

  2. If you kiss and hug him more... He may learn to like it! :) I'll do that for you next time I see him.